What We Do

We provide an atmosphere to build healthy, strong, enduring and enriching ministry relationships with pastors, leaders, and teams of all sizes and backgrounds.

To promote shared resources for Kingdom-minded leaders worldwide.

To provide Apostolic and prophetic covering.

To publish current research for successful evangelism and church planting.

To prepare strategic recommendations for global partners.

To build capacity of leadership to fully understand and carry out ministry to their members.

The opportunity to demonstrate sound accountability.

The opportunity to fellowship with a healthy group of ministers of like faith.

Opportunities for training and team-building.

Receive opportunities for training and support.

An increased sense of credibility through affiliation with an organization that embraces and emphasizes integrity.

The opportunity to hear what God is doing outside your own area of ministry.

Listed in membership directory.

Licensure and ordination.

Regular conferences.

Network with other churches.

Create International Platforms for Pastors.